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September 24, 2012

 good monday morning to you my kittens.

all the boys in the yard are going to love today’s post: hair.

typically i don’t give my mop much thought. there’s way too much, and i’ve always been pretty lucky with a nice japanese/irish combination head of hair that hasn’t caused me too much trouble over the years.

but apparently age and a new house water system is changing that happy partisanship.

what was once silky and smooth, is now hay-like and coarse. 

although i finally have the coveted volume i have wanted for all of these years: that jaclyn smith, bouffant up to the chandeliers is no longer a mere whim, my days of shampooing my hair with dial soap are finally over. 

i’ve had to curtail my hair regimin a bit. here’s what has been working:

ojon damage reverse treatment and serum feel like i.v.’s of hydration for gobi desert dry hair. i know there’s a much more popular brand or “oil” that everyone seems to use. i tried it. i was much more impressed with ojon. they are completely 100% formulated with natural ingredients and cruelty free. 

another must have product is my oribe texturizing spray. it’s sorta like a dry shampoo, sorta like a texturizer, sorta like mini-stylist/blow-out. i use this baby anytime i need to be fancy-pants. this magic-in-a-bottle gives me charlie’s angels hair in seconds. just a little spray, a little tease, blow-dry or brush and poof {!} you’re ready to walk the runway.

but i have to say the best hair product i’ve come across has been good, old-fashioned coconut oil. it’s definitely messy, but it works. i glob this yummy, maui-smelling goo on my noggin, throw on a thrifted, plastic hotel shower cap and lounge in the tub for an hour or so. yes, the coconut drips onto my face, and if i’m lucky into my mouth {so delicious} but after a shampoo or two, i have locks o’lucious.

YouTube Preview Image

i often get asked about my milkbraids, and how i “do” them. here’s a video tutorial. i obviously skip the root cream, combing, perfect split down the middle, the ribbon, the needle, and anything else that makes it look neat and tidy. so pretty much i do the opposite of this video. 

so do you have any hair musts that i need to know about? i love it when you share.

happy hair! 

My New Holy Grail!!!

October 1, 2009

I’ve found it!!! My miracle worker!! My saving grace!!! My sud in the bucket!!! This week i had to face the facts. The breakup of 2004 is finally showing up in fine (not fun) lines around my eyes, and my days pre bucket-hats are rearing their ugly heads with unlovely melasma spots on my cheeks. After heavy research I stormed the Neiman Marcus makeup counter having narrowed my options down to two products: Clea De Peau Beaute’ Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. From my profuse online investigation I was more than convinced that one of these concoctions was going to transform me into the Kelly Garret I know I have inside of me. pilot11But low and behold, I happen to stumble upon a NM salesgirl who’s not counting the minutes until she breaks free for Cosmos at Fleming’s. Bridget looked at my wreckage, and said I’d be much happier with the Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes Multi Action Concealer. imagesAnd boy was she right!! A couple of dabs here,  a few swipes there, and it was like coming home to my early twenties…… really great lighting……..after six cocktails……maybe with some veiling. But nevertheless, it DID make me happier.  Just to quell any doubts with my other pre-conceived product notions we did a blind Folger’s taste test of all three. Definitely the YSL was the best. NO question. So if you’re looking for that new makeup marvel, flutter your way down to get this little stick of love.  If you need visual proof, here’s what I looked like walking into Neiman’sreal-ugly-faceand here’s what i looked like walking out:


Happy Laborious Day

September 7, 2009

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