lindsay lohan

does one “do” cocaine?

February 19, 2013


i am highly suspect that foul play took place last night, involving my kale-cucumber brew, from mother’s market juicebar.

sapped out and rehearsing my bedtime nursery rhymes, i was so outta gas, in both brain and body, unwrapping the disposable straw turned into my everest.


now i’ve never “done” {?} cocaine, but 5 sucks up that straw, and no sooner was lindsey lohan riding shotgun, ready to crash cars and jewelry heist……with our moms. 

at least that’s the more glamorous version of: I DIDN’T F@#%&G SLEEP last night!!!!

what was in that juice?


so here’s my dilemma {does anyone else ever want to put an “n” in the word “dilemma?}: today i have a photo shoot, and i really do look like i’ve been on an all-night lilo bender. my dark circles could pass for eye black, the grease professional athletes smear under their eyes to block sun reflection. i’m just reflecting cranky.

i really need a nap today. just a little shut eye to make me look human again; quarter human.



my hair is so filthy it basically can walk around on its own, register a domain, and start its own blog: “talk dirty to me.

so what do i do? wash the hair? or take a nap?

judges ruling?

oh miss emma

February 24, 2010

emma watson’s new earth friendly clothing line is almost ready to debut. titled “love from emma” and launched by peopletree, this all organic and fair trade line looks british prep school, meets hippie chic. i cannot wait. the 30-page catalog will be available any day.

until then i gathered some of my most favorite photos of pretty miss watson. she’s always tickled me pink. every year emma has acted and dressed her age. beautifully. no hurry to hussy it up. she’s grown into the prettiest of actresses. and i have a hunch she will continue this captivating path; not rushing the years ahead of her like so many others have done.

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November 26, 2009

today, i am thankful for my childhood.

happy gobble gobble.



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