it’s friday i’m in love….

August 2, 2013


hello sweet kittens! 

weekend happy to you. it’s friday and i’m sharing some of the things i’ve loving on extra hard this week.

i know this song is pretty much an oldie…practically should be on southern cali’s k-earth 101 radio station, but something about these moody mornings and romantic, dusky afternoons have me playing it over and over again, both around the house and in classes. 



ok, so the whole meditation thing is kind of not working for me. but i haven’t given up.

i still give it a go; usually when i’m diffusing nuclear missiles, performing emergency c-sections, and facilitating that blind date hook up between ann coulter and anthony weiner, y’know? my low-stress everyday activities.

so you can bet i was super stoked to get the daily good’s 5 way’s to bring mindfulness into everyday life  in my morning inbox.

{side note…the second i typed the name “ann coulter” my twitch returned!}


y’all know i get stupid happy over gifs….any chance to insert one of these unsettling, sometimes creepy, images into a post, i will.

visual artist and filmmaker bill domonkos takes the gifs to the clouds and above. i am an official subscriber to his tumblr page where bill dazzles us with his interest in the “absurd” and “sublime beauty.”


i get all lucy liu/o-ren-shi {don’t watch if you’re squeamish} every time somebody mentions fall when we’re still thigh-high in summer love.

but i made an exception, and re-stowed my machete yesterday after stumbling upon refinery 29’s  unveiling of trager delaney’s fall lookbook.

color me mint green with pistachio sprinkles happy!

these fitted suits and lush, drapey skirts have me bribing mr. weatherman for cold fronts and gale-force winds.


and if you read anything this weekend, this is definitely a must-read. chris mccombs, my new guru, breaks it down perfect.

simple. true, and honest.

which of these most resonated with you?

wishing you a weekend of major bad-assery. see you on the other side of sunday. 



fess up please!

May 8, 2013

2headedsnake:alexandrabellissimo.comalexandra bellissimo

so remember this?

my foray into mindfulness and quest for a relaxed forehead brow to rival even the most syringed of orange county housewives?


yeah. well, like every other attempt at meditation it seems i have created more wrinkles, stress and crumbled drywall; from buddhas and lord krishna’s flung in frustration at my inability to find my third eye center.

apparently my affection for affliction is in its high energy, waxing phase, for i am batter up again at the ol “in through the nose, out through the nose…..” 

i’m not sure why i keep trying to make this square hole bed and breakfast this round peg, but i’m a sucker for reconciliation.


now i know i kinda, sorta set myself up for failure with this meditation thing.

my comfortable, seated, quiet place is my running bathtub.

with my phone.

and my laptop.

and ipad.

and i usually try to shave my legs, write a blog {in fact i’m meditating as i type this,} and knock out a playlist or two during said quiet time. i suspect afrojack isn’t the best choice for producing the desired alpha wave brain state.


my friend, kathleen suggested this app on my ipad…i liked it at first, but the idea of my ipad being so close just got me thinking about my pinterest boards which i liked even more…..


but i need to meditate.

when people ask me what my quiet reflective time of the week is, these days i have to truthfully admit it’s watching episodes of “revenge.”—–the dumbest show on television; the only time my brain actually goes numb from not having to think. i don’t know what i’ll do if this wretched show gets canceled.

 although there’s always fox news.


so you peaceful warriors, you who align your chakras like i obsessively, compulsively align my summer, fall, winter, spring, workout clothes in descending sleeveless, short-sleeves, long-sleeves color-coordinated order. 


yeah you!

what’s your secret?

what do i have to do? drink? inhale? snort? flirt with? to find some effing peace? 

tell me! tell me! tell me!

thank you

October 22, 2012

thanksgiving came early for me over the last few days as i have been hands to my heart grateful for all the windfalls in my coaster-roll life.

a commitment to my pitiful meditation practice remains unwavering, but switching my mantra to “thank you” has turned a pull my eyelashes out, one by one-painful exercise into an indulgence i try to sneak in now twice a day.

this weekend these were the shiny, sharp objects which repeatedly received my indebted acknowledgement:

 thank you lucidity. the picture might not be what i had envisioned, but at least it’s crystal clear without any obstructions, false assumptions or ideological fantasies. how much more beautiful that view is when it’s pared down, raw and exposed as nature intended it to be. and how i love a person and a friendship that’s real and open with yummy honesty coupled with full-fledged compassion. 

thank you tata harper. your repairative moisturizer works miracles. my skin feels like jessica tandy after a dip in the pool a’ la the movie “cocoon.” best of all your potions smell so delicious, hunkiest always insists on a kiss after i’ve smothered myself in product. muchos gracias! thank you to my beloved niloofar for getting me hooked. 

thank you ben affleck. it’s been so long since i’ve seen a really good movie.

thank you closed doors. the new ones that have opened give me the “butterflies-in-my-stomach” allure of a new romance. hopefully i’ve done my work so that lessons and mistakes have been properly absorbed from past relationships and experiences, and can be applied to these latest endeavors. there’s no reason these new burgeoning opportunities can’t turn into lasting marriages.

thank you sourdough bread. for when i’d rather not talk about what’s hurting my heart.

YouTube Preview Image

thank you stubborn love. this heart hammering its way out of your chest anthem, got us all silly high on our spin bikes saturday morning as we pedaled furious with emotion, and cheers’d our water bottles to love, gratitude and camaraderie.

and thank YOU m’loves. thank you for comments, your facebook likes, your visits, and your light.

what are you particularly thankful for today?

monday happy to you.



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