ring in the SPRING!

March 20, 2015


she’s here!

my favorite season, the best time of year: spring!

even the word “spring” brings a smile to my face; i dare you to say it without the corners of your mouth delighting upward into an arc of happy.

and although i’m aware there is still major snow and frost in much of the country, nary slush or sleet should prevent you from enjoying our vernal equinox.

spring is a state of mind, not a weather forecast: it’s a fresh start, a rebirth, an opportunity to grow; an optimism and new vigor awakening after a long winter’s hibernation.

so how do you “ring in the spring?”

for me it always starts with our house.

my spring cleaning is more of a purge: clothes, food, old electronics, and any other cabinet clogging items i haven’t thought of in a year are donated or thrown out; never underestimate the power of a closet gut to make you feel like a superhero.

not ready for a major household overhaul?

start smaller.

this week i cut off stems from our backyard jasmine bush–last year’s $4.99 trader joes purchase whose vines now serpentine up the whole backside of our house, fragrancing the porch with a sweet, sunny aroma.

 i brought the lone stems inside, dropped them in various pink goblets throughout the downstairs, and, clouds or no clouds outside, our house feels and smells like spring.

here are a few other ways i’m “ringing in the spring.”


it’s no secret i’m a sucker for a seasonal scent; even in my cleaning products. the pure grass scent from good home company is a staple for me this time of year. we use the dryer sheets, the laundry detergent, and the vacuum balls to give the house a fresh, clean, green aroma.

we are also using this soap in our nursery.


lasting no more than a month or two, this time of year brings a craving for teatime to rival my typical, 2pm binge on black coffee.

mighty leaf organic spring jasmine and teavana’s wild orange blossom herbal tea are two of my post-lunch favorites.

and i’m thinking these initial mugs from anthropologie are the perfect vessels for that afternoon recess.


even my skin gets its own version of spring cleaning. now is the time i bust out mario badescu’s kiwi face scrub to start unearthing the permafrost of dry and dehydrated skin brought on by winter.

i also use tata harper’s resurfacing mask and juice beauty green apple brightening pads for major exfoliation.

burt’s bees cucumber facial wipes are well-stocked in my refrigerator; every morning while my coffee brews i treat myself to a quick cucumber scented facial-the puffy and fatigue instantly evicted from my eyes and jowls.


my big splurge this time of year is always a jo malone orange blossom candle.



worth it?

hell YES!

 this clementine/water lily scent is instant prozac for my disposition. some girls have that favorite red lipstick, that short black skirt, or that stiletto pump to revamp their mood….mine comes in the form of a candle.

less expensive but just as pirouette-inducing is the moss + mint candle from nest; think minty garden fresh infused with apple blossom.

the cutting garden from seda france is another one i love; with one stroke of a match a fragrant green bouquet permeates the house; one king’s lane is having a sale on a ton of seda france candles.

and i’m a total fool {both for the scent and the price} of mrs. meyer’s basil scented clean soy candle; i’m always asked about these candles when i put them out for entertaining.


for outside the front door i’m looking at all of the pretty, new, spring 2015 nail collections to bring the primavera party to my toes and fingers.

 zoya’s spring delight practically reinvents the rainbow for your feet.

and essie‘s latest spring medley has me unpacking all my peep-toe platforms {totally appropriate for a woman 35 weeks pregnant.}


i don’t require major renovation or second mortgages to ring the spring into my life; a flower here, some dryer sheets there, maybe a new coat of polish, and i’m set.

how will you be ringing in the spring m’loves?

wishing you a weekend of hop in your step and posy in your play.

see you on the other side of sunday.



valentine LOVE

February 5, 2015


 thursday happy to you my pops o’lolli!

i hope your week has been full of sugar and sweet.

do you do valentine’s day?

i’ve never been much of a hardcore fan for all things red and artificially flavored {both in taste + sentiment,} but i’m not one to turn down presents of pink, blush, and the candy-coated.

here are a few valentine’s gifts {you have a little over a week} that are sure to dazzle that one you’re sweet on.


nothing feels softer, more snuggly, or better on your skin {at least in public} than wildfox clothing. i swear they use newborn kittens in their fleecy, heather-terried sweatshirts. this wildfox cozy is a perfect cover-up for chilly, february days and nights.

i’m also digging this fun kate spade clutch big enough for a cell phone, keys and ID.


for the gourmand in your life, these le creuset ramekins would bake the prettiest valentine tarts.


and while we’re on the subject of food, if anyone wants to make me this cake from gimmesomeoven i won’t say “no.”


who can pass up a pink purse?

valentine’s day or just an early harbinger for spring, this abigale tote from big buddha makes the prettiest accessory for any shoulder.


this time of year i start moving away from the spicier, darker fragrances of fall + winter; the new diana vreeland perfume, simply divine, has a healthy dose of tuberose and jasmine, but is balanced with a smidge of nutmeg, so it’s still appropriate for the season, and doesn’t have you stinking like a easter basket….yet.

d194750fe416e13a77d40fd2820c2d7f if somber weather is getting you down, this coffee-table book from furbish studio is a lovely antidote to the february clouds and drizzle. isa_love_potion

and finally, if you’re looking for love or secretly admiring someone from afar, this love potion from catbirdnyc might be the answer to your romantic woes.

wishing you a love-filled thursday!


a fling with the spring.

March 26, 2013

springyesterday morning the baby birds chirped hungrily and happily for mama; their sweet, melodic peeps piping through the open, french doors, awakened me as the sun peered through the bouncy, cheerful, white clouds against a slumberous, blue sky. one of the few mornings where my alarm doesn’t stir me from the sheets, i lingered in bed as long as i could listening to the dulcet sounds of spring emerging in our backyard. 

i am simply mad for springtime. no other season rousts such organic, authentic happy feelings for my soul.


because i’m such a fragrance freak, and i like my scent to match my mood, i set out to find the perfect, spring perfume.

i’ve been wearing floret and creed’s spring flower {i know, could i be anymore obvious?} for years. they both are the most splendid blends of sweet peas, lily of the valley, apricot, & green apple.

i’ll still wear them, but i was ready for a change.

i moseyed over to my favorite local gift boutique, fleur de lys, in costa mesa. they always have the best, under the radar products {gifts, candles, books, perfumes, jewelry, home-wares.} i am never disappointed with my purchases from fleur de lys

it’s like the shopkeepers read my mind. i practically knocked down their hour’s old display for library of flowers bottled by margot elena, creator of tokyo milk, lollia & love and toast. library of flowers is a small batch american perfumery with 12 different unique scents. i had the hardest time choosing.

scents like linden, a combination of nectarine, linden blossom & clover honey, or kirimashi air, a mix of white tea, sheer bamboo & orchid petals. their wildflower & fern is the most refreshing melange of english cucumber, davana, & honeysuckle. it was nearly impossible for me to pick just one.

but i settled on willow & water whose cast of characters include cut greens, flowering lotus, & watercress. 

one spritz and i AM spring.

are you fans of spring? how do you celebrate the season?

~photo taken by me.
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