girl crush: leigh beach

September 25, 2014


don’t let that pretty face fool you; this beauty queen has a mouth on her that makes sailors ask for smelling salts; and i say that with complete admiration and envy.

on today’s latest installment of girl crush i give you the hilarious, charming, gorgeous, albeit right-winged, and talented leigh beach.

leigh is a fellow spin instructor at equinox newport beach.  she has turned sunday mornings into a can’t-miss, rousing revival of great music, laughs, and ass-kicking.

she is my sister in sarcasm, a partner in profanity, and a loving soul who is completely devoted to those she cares for.

i feel so lucky to call her “friend.”


leigh is the wife to political consultant, eric; and together they happily parent three of the greatest kids: rylan, sawyer, saxon.

you can keep up with their gut-busting adventures on leigh’s popular blog, three before thrity.

when not taking us on hills & sprints, getting to carpool on time, and hobnobbing with political elite, leigh also finds room in her whacky schedule to work at lululemon at fashion island.

today she’s made the time to give us a little behind-the-scenes look into her full life.


name 5 bottom of the jar products?

Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter Lotion. It’s got that “I just landed in OC from Waikiki smell.”

L’Oreal mascara. It’s the only brand I’ve ever used. I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on mascara…so I’ve never tried anything else. And I never leave home without it on.

Batiste Dry Shampoo. A girlfriend who also happens to be my hair stylist has finally convinced me not to wash every day…I use this dry shampoo between washes. It smells great and keeps my hair from every looking greasy.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey perfume. That reminds me. I’m all out. #anxiety

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. “Bottom of the bottle” counts too, right?


who is your style icon and why?

Can I have more than one? Twiggy. Kate Moss. Drew Barrymore. Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. I love bohemian style…It’s so effortless and cool. But I got my appreciation of all things fashion from my mom. I’m pretty sure she wore heels to the delivery room…


 how do you define luxury?

Dancing until way past midnight and hiring a babysitter to get up with the kids in the morning. Sleeping through the night. Sleeping in until 11am. The automatic tailgate button on my car.


what’s the last book you read and loved?

“Naptime is the new happy hour” and “Sippy cups are not for chardonnay.


 what are your vices?

Goat cheese and chips and guacamole. And country music concerts.


finish the sentence…

.i can never leave the house without: underwear. I’ve never been able to go commando. Now that I have children in elementary school, I’m sure they appreciate this too.


what advice would you give your 25 year old self?

Slow down. It’s not a race. Wear more sunscreen.  And, that tattoo you got a few years ago? Yeah, they’re calling it a “tramp stamp” now.


 what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like?

Hawaii with the whole fam. On the beach every day. Dinner out. Every. Single. Night.


give me your 5 deserted island items….people and things?

Me, Eric, the kids. And a babysitter. Shit. That’s 6. Oh and toilet paper. Is it bad to swap a kid for TP?


 what is your idea of perfect happiness? 

A house with AC. A kitchen with an island that’s big enough for the whole family to gather around. A king-sized bed. His/Her closets. His/Her bathroom sinks. I believe these are the keys to a happy marriage. {Still working on Eric for #s 1 and 2}


 family members excluded, what is your most prized possession?

It’s a toss-up between our home and my college diploma. Both I’m very proud to own. I almost didn’t graduate from high school on time but I graduated from college with honors. Just took me a little longer to get my shit together.


in what historical era would you most like to have lived?

The 70s. But then I really wouldn’t have made it out of high school.


what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

Fish tacos. The beach. Flip flops year round. Only owning one umbrella for a family of 5 and having no idea where it is. Riding our bikes down to the peninsula. Being near my family. I grew up in San Diego with my mom. She moved up here after my kids were born. My dad lives here too and both my parents help us out so much with our kids.


what are your least favorite things about southern california?

The keeping-up-with-the-joneses mentality…though my guess is that probably exists in a lot of communities outside of So Cal too. Not showing enough love to my boots and jackets. Sky-high tax rates. Sky-high gas prices. A democrat for a Governor. Sorry, what was the original question? The obsession with USC Football Sorry, my ACC-loving husband jumped on my questionnaire.


see? how can you not LOVE this girl!?!

thank you so much leigh beach for letting me adore you.

your wit, honesty, and overall lovelieness make you even more crushable.


June 17, 2013


do you manifest?

it’s kind of the rage these days. 

sort of like green juices and overalls {yes, they’re back.}


most of the people whom i adore, copycat, internet stalk, and who would downright obtain a restraining order against me if they were privy to my obscene admiration for them–they all manifest; things, people, and circumstances into their life. 


i still write letters to the north pole.


maybe it’s just the mystery of the manifest, but i won’t do anything that will get me in trouble, put on restriction, my name on the board or written up by management.

manifest definitely sounds like something that snags you into detention or a word one uses confession:

bless me father for i have sinned, it’s been 25 years since my last confession, i manifested 5 times last week in the yoga studio.


just typing that sentence out ignites the obedient, non-dissident, wanting-to-follow-the-rules histamines in my body, causing me to itch uncontrollably.

{can i manifest some calamine here?}


and here’s my other grind:

isn’t manifesting a little like double-crossing?

i’d hate to think my objective is taking away from someone else’s potpie or diminishing their spoonful of sugar.


i began this post with an unobstructed, east coast ocean view on my brain; as my vision, my intention {ok my manifest.} i think there might have been a hammock in there too.

but it seems rather vulgar when others in the world are suffering. 

i’m manifesting some guidance from you…

facebook? who knew?

March 28, 2013

just when i think i’ve absolutely had it with facebook and its gossipy and passive agressive ways, something beautiful draws me back in.

typically it’s an animal rescue story, or an interesting article or post from my thousands of “likes,” such as brainpickings, or wimp.

but the human rights campaign push on facebook in support of marriage equality moves me to tail, furiously-wagging-itself-happy, status.

  who knew a red and pink box would ignite such gratitude and pride within me?

katiei sat monday, with tears streaming down my face, watching so many of my facebook feeds turn to red, as supporters of marriage equality changed their profile pictures into little red and pink boxes.

i have been glued to the television during this history making week as the supreme court hears oral arguments against DOMA {defense of marriage act,} and that disgusting bill we had here in california entitled “prop 8.”

i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw fellow equinox instructor, and cycle for survival favorite, paul katami standing on the court steps with his boyfriend/fiance’ of 8 years, jeff zarrillo, getting ready to testify, as plaintiffs, in this monumental ruling.

well done paul & jeff. you are making history. i’m just so sad it’s taken this long, with so much controversy.

it seems like such a no-brainer. but, i guess if you believe that gay and lesbian couples should not have the same, equal rights to get married like heterosexual couples, then it’s true: you have NO brain.

but let’s get back to facebook! after the emotion died down a little {save for when the new macklemore song gets posted–here come the tears again,} i have become fascinated with people’s creativity with their “red” profile pics.


not satisfied with the HRC’S download of the standard red box with 2 pink horizontal lines, friends have shown off their genius, making their profile bricks stand out.


there were the obvious “love” and “heart-shaped” ones, very sweet and definitely spot on with their message.


i was particularly fond of the this fancy, sparkly box. nothing like a little glitter and sequins to get me in the mood for love.


some folks were a bit more sober and impactful-this one, here, uses historic photographs of protests against segregation and for women’s rights to get their point across.


some fancied spelling it out; plain and clear as the nose on my freckled face. 

sesame street

of course bert and ernie made the cut. which led to hilarious comments and arguing about the sexual orientation of sesame street’s original “roomies.'” 

it tickles me to see “age-grown” adults chagrin over such important opinions as to whether bert and ernie were actually lovers.



in keeping with the children’s milieu, i must pay hommage to this vintage atari gem.

even with the pitiful pixels and cheap cartoon coating, that gorilla stills unsettles me, like it did when i was 8. 


 those who wish to keep the spirit of christmas alive, year round, will appreciate this one. my mom’s uploading it as i type, and i’m sure adding silver bells and mistletoe. 


in the words of sir elton john: yes i can feel the love tonight. nothing like a lion king reference to get me all boo-hooing again. and yes, i still knew every single word to that fabulous song.



even southern, country girl herself, paula dean, got in on the action.


and this one appealed to my carnivore friends. 

maybe next week we can talk about animal rights? 


for the super-lazy.


here’s my friend brian, whom i adore more than both butter and red velvet cake, nailing it with his corgis for human rights.

love you brian.


but i have to say my favorite has been the sloth photobomb.

have i missed any? what are your favorites.

i send love to all.

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