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it’s friday i’m in love….

August 16, 2013


friday love to you my dandelions!

the last five days have given me whiplash with their jet-plane need-for-speed; i can’t seem to catch my flight.

all week-long it feels like i’ve been sprinting down the tarmac chasing a runaway ship whose wheels have just lifted off.

i’m looking forward to this weekend’s lull and respite.

before i sign off, here are a few of my friday favorites…..


i’ve talked about this before: i don’t eat meat; that includes chicken and most fish. it’s an animal thing, not for my health.

my family {hunkiest} doesn’t share my same walt disney-eyed version of all critters and creatures; where every beast is smarter than me, more compassionate, more capable of intelligent thought, and more susceptible to hurt feelings and sadness.

he continues to eat meat and chicken, but out of courtesy to me, his affection for animals, and because he IS one of the best people on the planet, he agrees to let me find him “meat” that has me crying for only 50% of our meals.

enter primal pastures.

right here in our own southern california backyard, primal pastures is looking “to turn the food industry upside down, shake it out, and reclaim health.”


they are an all-pasture raised, grass-fed, humanely treating, working farm. fed-up with the corners cut to gain an organic or “free-range” label, which sometimes is not very healthy or humane, primal pastures believes all animals should live outside, roaming freely and “stress-free.”

primal pastures facebook page updates are truly insightful into their working, kind farm; even how they slaughter {i just died a little} the animals.

PP KS 050213 114_ blog

but they need our help. in order to make a “permaculture” of this type of farming, primal pastures is looking to expand. currently working on a 2.5 acre farm, with waiting lists for chickens a hundred deep, primal pastures has leased a 200 acre + area, and is looking for local, grassroots {non-corporate} support.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 6.07.02 PM

please check out their kickstarter project and share with others who might be interested.

{farm photos courtesy of jennifer chong}


from chickens to double-breasted jackets in wool…..this editorial shot by annie leibovitz for american vogue’s september issue is making my end of summer less heartbreaking.

starring model daria werbowy and actor adam driver, this moody, romantic spread set in the country of w.b. yeats has me drooling for chilly afternoon picnics {vegetarian of course} on grassy hillsides, covered in a thick blanket of autumn fog.

check out the rest of annie’s beautiful photos and grace coddington’s emotive styling here.


sure he was referring to the deplorable situation in egypt, but david gregory’s powerful, 5 words, uttered just now on morning joe, felt like a smart, open-palmed slap to the face.

i’ll be carrying this mantra with me in my pocketbook all weekend long.

nice work david…you’re still no tim russert, but today you did ok.

YouTube Preview Image

and lastly, dallas boy, sam horowitz, who eschewed prayer shawls for a shiny white suit and sparkly matching shoes has me smiling.

i mean how else does one enter “manhood” than with a burlesque themed, chandelier dropping, perfectly choreographed dance routine, equipped with his own dallas maverick cheerleaders as back-up dancers?

a passion for all things fashion, glitter and inspired by the cheetah girls, this was bar mitzvah routine was sam’s dream come true.

mazeltov sam, you’re my kind of kid.

so that’s what i’m loving on this friday… you? what up with you?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.


November 26, 2012

did i lose a week? or did i gain a week?

i can’t decide yet? and yes, i mean to end that sentence with a ? and yes, feel free to answer for me.

the last 9 days are wrapped in panels of gossamer, crammed tightly in a strong-box of iron, hidden underneath old, dusty furniture and discarded playthings in a recessed attic, in the east wing of a twenty-plus bedroom, english countryside estate, blanketed with fog, haunted by ghosts friendly, and found shrouded through knotty, one-laned, stomach turning back roads accessed only via horse and carriage. 

asking me to recollect my days, nights and moments sends me into a brow furrow so creviced, the jaws of life must be called into play to pull my forehead back into unity.

i remember coffee, numerology, beautiful babies, the sun and the moon ascending over the ocean and cypress trees, raw diets, and political cease fires. but that’s about as detailed as i can go.

why does reminiscence sometimes feel like level 10 on the stairmaster? why does spelling reminiscence feel like level 11 on the stairmaster?


expectation was a big theme of the trip, but please don’t ask me to recall examples or anecdotes. i just know that there were tears, laughter, opinions, meals, and silence shared over the topic of expectation. 

how, even though we try our hardest not set expectations for people, events, vacations, etc. we ultimately do so anyway. the consequence being we end up getting let down or we’re surprisingly dazzled. i often don’t know i’ve had an expectation until i feel the resulting positive or negative emotion. 

my lesson, which isn’t a new one, is to refocus my attention to the now. i believe much of my angst with re-chronicling is whether my experience lives up to others’ expectations for me. it shouldn’t matter, but that’s a whole ‘nother carton of eggs to crack.

did i lose a week? or gain a week? what week?

it’s about today, and i’m happy to be here, home with you.

monday happy to you m’loves.

every summer has a story

July 3, 2012

every summer has a story….

whether it be down by the water….

in the arms and eyes of a new crush, or a rekindling of a lingering, love deep. 

summer means sunshine, tan lines and the smell of store bought coconut lotion. 

in the summer, impromptu, beating-the-heat, afternoon naps are encouraged and quietly applauded.

summer takes you where the cool wind blows in your hair; fanning out the worry and wafting in the happy. 

what’s your current summer story?

i’m still trying to excavate mine. 

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