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berry, berry good…

May 28, 2014

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they’re here! they’re here! the berries are here!

every summer, when our blackberries make their annual bloom, our old, beat-up, seen too many days in the sun, backyard-wall gets a vibrant coat of green, purple, and pink.

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no paltry, orange county-starved housewife looking berries for us; these juicy gems are plump + fat with the perfect tart to sweet ratio which makes not eating them straight off the vine a lesson in self-control and willpower.

as you’ve read before, i’m not one who’s been able to master the art of meditation.

this morning, the mindfulness i used to not apply sunscreen to my toothbrush {as has happened 4 times over the last 30 days,} was the equivalent of a mumbai ashram internment; my teeth and gums are fresh and clean, but unlike yesterday, they are subject to sunburn.


 there’s something about berry picking though; getting my actual hands on the prickly bush, fingertips grabbing pretty stains of magenta, butterflies humming around the berry blossoms, and the gentle, warm weather we’ve been having of late beckoning me to stay outside longer than i typically do—it all charms me into my own meditative trance.

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speaking of unbreakable catatonia….this one did not bat one inky eyelash off her mamma.

the fear of missing a fallen berry is paramount in priscilla’s world.

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meanwhile jones just helped himself straight from the vine.

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i wish i could say i whipped up a fantastic berry fool {aptly named, yes?} or that i swept hunkiest off his feet with a homemade blackberry cobbler {the one dessert i can make.}

but alas these popcorn-size bites of blue-violet bliss barely made it to the sink for a wash, before i gobbled them down like a hungry, hasty giant.

one need not have their own blackberry vines to experience the joy of the berry season. get thyself down to your farmers market {such a blogging cliché i know–i just gagged on my own vomit.} farmers markets are teeming with berries right now and it will make you so angry and guilty to see how much less expensive and better tasting they are than the stuff in our commercial markets {yes i’m talking about YOU whole foods!!!}

so talk to me goose: what’s your favorite ways to eat blackberries?

a berry-good wednesday m’loves.

friday i’m in love….

January 3, 2014



a new year!

a new friday to fall in love!

so far miss 2014 is a tickle to my feathers of happy; i’m optimistic for all the possibility this year holds.

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on new year’s day i received my copy of within, dr. habib sadeghi’s new book on spiritual awakening and weight loss….my nose has been buried in it ever since, highlighter and pen in hand, underlining, circling and gleefully marking up my copy with things that inspire me.

i’ve followed dr. sadeghi, founder of be hive of healing and healing institute of beings, for a couple of years now; i am a firm believer in his integrative approach to healing, and his conclusion that unbalanced energies can contribute, cause, or aggravate disease.

while marketed as a “weight-loss” book, this manual is more of a handbook on how to approach life wholly, loving, and balanced.

i highly recommend.


i’m not proud of the next admission, but i’m not exactly hanging my head in shame either.

for the last two weeks i’ve lived mostly in my pajamas.

there. i said it.

i get home, and even for just 45 minutes before i have to go out again, and i’ll throw on my pjs in the hopes of catching a quick nap, or three.

i don’t know about you, but dry-wicking lycra isn’t the most sleep inducing fabric.

these nightshirts from pj salvage and ralph lauren are my current favorites; not totally grandma gowns, but still cozy like grandma’s home-cookin.

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how am i just arriving to the EOS party?

petrolatum, paraben, gluten, phthalate, & cruelty- free, this vitamin-E loaded lip balm instantly hydrates my lips, getting them properly kissable.

the sweet mint flavor has me applying all hours of the day, in an effort to satisfy my mint-chip gelato cravings…so far it’s worked.


and speaking of cravings….

two months ago i raved about crème brûlée almonds from squirrel brand…these sweet morsels of candied crunch saw me through the toughest of december days….well move over cinnamon crusted goodness, there’s a new sheriff in town:

i’ve upgraded to the italian black truffle flavor, and life is rich.

more addictive than oreos, these salty buttons of gold satisfy my every now and then inkling for il buco’s pasta; without the east coast plane ride.

whole foods sells squirrel brand nuts or you can buy them online.

so there you have it….my friday favorites for the first week of 2014.

care to share any of your treasures?

until then….

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

falling into fall fashion……

October 15, 2013


my style is of a preppy, new england co-ed, live and die for the corduroy and tweed sandwich-ilk.

there’s something about fall though that ups the ante on my argyle addiction and sweater vest ways.

elbow patched sweaters with penny loafers are as obligatory as the new scandal season and homemade chili on sunday nights.

 do you have any fall fashionable favorites putting the whipped cream on your pumpkin spice lattés?

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