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October 28, 2013

afterlight (78)

ladies and gentlemen i’d like to introduce you to mr. & mrs. steinmetz!

marc and alexei pulled off the most beautiful day ever; smiles, tears, laughter, and some major dancing were had at the wedding to remember.


seriously not missing a beat, our bride, even at the crack of dawn had a spread for us maids to rival the fanciest of parties.

while we got prettied with on-site hair and makeup alexei made sure we were well nourished and hydrated with a champagne buffet brunch of parfaits, oatmeals, muffins and panini.


here’s a behind the scenes look of the transformations going down. all the girls donning their gifted kimono robes from plum pretty sugar whilst the pre-ceremony preparation underwent made for fun photos and of girlie-capers.


scene of the first tears…..the groom’s gift to his bride….his card says it all…..


i’m biased here…but there really is no comparison to the floral design courtesy of heavy petal. these two darlings, anna & jena, did my wedding too, and they truly are the BEST in the business.

everyone last night was complimenting the extraordinary flowers.


here she is!

our beautiful bride.

even at 6am, in gym clothes, and morning face alexei is still the prettiest girl in the room, but throw a wedding gown on her….and bam! she’s the prettiest on the planet.

we all agreed.

icing feet

the bride and her maids taking a much-needed “foot” break after stomping around san juan capistrano in 4 inch heels… can see alexei is icing her ankles with a cold perrier can…{nice touch.}

afterlight (77)

my favorites.

this morning there are some sore legs, necks, ankles and feet.  very little dance-floor breaks were taken with this group!

a first toast to the new couple, seconds after the ceremony.

congratulations marc & alexei.

i was so honored and touched to stand up with you guys at this incredible and joyful event.

i love you both.

a {wedding} weekend happy….

October 25, 2013


so it’s here!

the wedding of my dearest alexei will occur this sunday, and i couldn’t be happier for her.


i’m on bended knee praying that my non-stop cardio parties and steady diet of cigarettes and coffee will make room for me in my bridesmaid dress…..until sunday though….i’ll be on a spin bike if you need me.


and let me just tell you….once that slim-fitting frock zips up, it’s party time!

tumblr_mke5l5Zbhx1rv230uo1_500my shoes are comfortable and hips are ready to shake.

does one twerk at a wedding?
0ab0763cca53a8023c5503efbf11ac23congratulations alexei and marc.

thank you so much for letting me share in this crazy, wonderful weekend.

girl crush…

May 18, 2012

welcome to today’s latest edition of girl crush. i cannot contain my excitement that my stunning friend, anna ziebarth agreed to stop by gni today.

mother to zoe and lux, anna runs heavy petal flowers, orange county’s go-to floral design company for weddings and special occasions, with her equally beautiful sister, jena.

i’ve known anna for over ten years {gulp}, and she is literally the COOLEST person i know.

a trend setter like no one else, anna has an effortless, rocker chic, with an edge of california beach, girlie-girl style, that if she were a celebrity, paparazzi and fashion blogs would be following her every sartorial step.

and although the comparisons are often made, anna was our it girl way before alexa chung came onto the scene.

anna was also working the mid-century modern look in her sick, decked out pad, practically, at the TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY.

like i said, this girl, is a style trailblazer.

let’s pick her brain, and get to know a little more about my anna.

no. 1: name your 5 bottom of the jar products?

epicuren kukui nut lotionepicuren x-treme screen sunscreenlily lambert roll on perfume #22dior show mascaraaquaphor i use this for everything cuts, scrapes, dry skin, lip gloss… name it

no. 2: who is your style icon and why?

rachel bilsoni want everything she owns.

no. 3 what is your spring fashion must have item?

i just bought a pair of earnest sewn esra jeans and i’ve been in them every day, and i’d like a pair of warby parker reading glasses- since my recent failed eye exam i’ve turned into quite the eyeglasses connoisseur.

no. 4: finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

my ritual cleanse insulated re-usable shopping bags and Iphone.

no. 5: what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

 “life is about to break your heart into a thousand pieces, but just remember to never lose sight of who you are and who you want to be. the journey will be long but worth it and when you look back you won’t regret a thing.”

no. 6: what would you do with 2 weeks off?

hawaii never gets old for me. i’d love to do one week on oahu with my daughters just surfing and sunning and the second week just relaxing, eating and reading at the four seasons maui with my boyfriend kevin.

no. 7: give me your 5 deserted island items…

my daughters zoe and lux, and kevin my boyfriend (they’re getting grouped as one), tyler rose bikinis, my canon DSLR camera- it’s big and bulky, but never disappoints in capturing my priceless memories, arugula- I can eat it morning, noon and night!, and my jura coffeemaker– a Xmas present from my girls and ex husband last year, and it makes the best coffee ever, i don’t go out for coffee, i go home.

no. 8: you and your sister, jena, run one of the most in-demand floral design businesses in southern california, heavy petal flowers; people are still talking about the kick-ass flowers from my wedding {seriously- i had the baddest, most rock star, hot-pink bouquet to date}, how do you keep such a successful business flourishing while at the same time, raise two incredible daughters, find time for your relationship, and manage to make it look so free-flowing and fluent? you never break a sweat anna nor cop an attitude. 

when I was younger i thought i had to do it all. i was pretty overwhelmed and not really pulling it off. i’ve been humbled, i learned to ask for help, keep things simple and learned to give myself a break.

no. 9: what would you say is the most important for someone going into a business with a family member?

remember they aren’t just your family member they are your business partner. agree on what’s expected of each other before you do anything and always remain professional. early in our business, there was an ordering error and when it was discovered, i reverted back to sisterly squabbling – i had a very unprofessional freak out on my sister jena at the flower mart and afterwards was pretty embarrassed about it. now, jena and i both look back on this memory and can’t help but bust up laughing. i’ve learned it doesn’t matter who i am dealing with, my business partner, our clients, our vendors, always remain professional even in the most stressful situations.

no. 10: what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

i love surfing with my girls, eating at true food kitchen, riding bikes, celia’s breakfast bowls at mother’s market and everyone i love lives here and if they don’t, they love to visit.

 no. 11: what are your least favorite things about southern california?

the reputation we have acquired….. i’ve lived in orange county my entire life and yet people are surprised to find that out. i grew up in a laid back so-cal environment…what happened to that way of life?

 thank you so much anna girl. i adore you.

i’m off to utah for the weekend m’loves. i loved the weigh in on the wedding outfits…i actually took an alternative 4th route from the three options…

photos to come.

have a weekend most happy, and i’ll see you on the other side of sunday.

photos 3 & 5 by nouelle bouman

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