RMS sale!—-green is the new black!

November 20, 2015



RMS beauty is having a 20% sale off its entire site today!

crazy cakes?!

RMS beauty is responsible for many of my bottom of the jar, desert island staples:


i’ve been using rose-marie swift’s “un” cover-up for close to a decade now. nothing compares to this concealer. it doesn’t cake, dry out, or glob up in the ball of the eye {pretty i know.} thank goodness this is not in short supply, because if the house was on fire? i might grab my “un” cover-up and those old photographs may just have to incinerate.


the buriti bronzer is another one of mommy’s favorites. no shimmer, no donatella verasace orange, it’s a week in montauk in one, little pot. the buriti oil, “the highest amount of vitamin a and beta-carotene known to man”-their words, makes this bronzer blend seamlessly into the skin. i always get asked if i’ve been in the sun when i wear this bronzer—as if?


i keep this organic lip + skin balm on my nightstand. cuticles, lips, and under eyes get the evening, pre-bedtime smear. come morning my face and nails are less sandbox dry.


this morning i purchased the beauty oil. i’ve never used it before so i will report back. it has the same buriti oil found in the bronzer. buriti is kind of the new, rockstar anti-oxidant out on the market for its filtering and absorbing capabilities of cancer causing sun rays.

so off you go!

happy shopping.

let me know what you ordered and how you like it.

remember the code is : GREENFRIDAY

all of RMS beauty products are GMO-free, cruelty-free and ethically created.

RMS beauty products are either organic or wildcrafted, depending upon which is safer….

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

the {holi}STICK– sweet smelling sweat…

November 19, 2015

deo1 (1 of 1)

my freak show dogmatism for products, toxin + cruelty free, often triggers the following question:

what deodorant do you trust?

teaching back to back classes, frequently in the close confines of a spin room, one should practice proper hygiene. many of the natural deodorants on the market just plain, suck. they’re as effective as hydrating in said spin class with a vanilla milkshake. in the past i’ve found soapwalla and kai deodorant keep me just as sweet-smelling and dry as any drugstore, beagle-tested, aluminum-embodying brand. unfortunately soapwalla contains baking soda, a common irritant for the underarm, and i feel rather sacrilegious smelling like a maui sunset, in the middle of november, when i’m wearing kai–it smells divine, but is quite pungent.

that’s why i’m happy to have found agent nateur n03 deodorant. made from organic coconut oil, avocado butter, raw organic honey, and essentials oils of lavender + eucalpytus, agent nateur is a food based deodorant that smells beautiful, for both men and women, and naturally kills any offensive underarm odors; even in the sweatiest of cardio sessions you come out smelling like a Canyon Ranch quiet room.

you can buy from directly agent nateur, from spirit beauty lounge {only in the 19oz size, but they give free samples!} or at beauty habit {fun holiday shopping here.}

do you have a favorite natural deodorant?

photo: taylor cole

it’s friday i’m in LOVE

November 13, 2015

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happy-keep-your-eye-on-the-ball-friday to you m’loves!

almost three years ago this great pyrenees/anatolian shepeard-mix adopted us.

we sought out this breed for its instincts to guard the family and property.

those genetics have run true; jones’ bark sets off car alarms, miles away, and he may or may not have caused a poor u.p.s man to have wet himself. 

but he is ONLY bark.

his nickname, even with a seven month old in the house, is “THE baby.”

we’ve never had a more sweet-tempered pup, who has no clue how large and ferocious he appears to others.

his first night home he was so terrified of the staircase, he’d never seen one before, he cowered in the kitchen until morning; and at three years old he had definitely never slept inside, on a bed.


flash forward to today, and he now is the most cuddly snuggler in the house.

this article on a rescue dog’s first bed and bone reminded me of those precious days with our baby jones.

here are a few other things i’m loving this week:


when it comes to germs i’m most stringent about phones, tablets, my laptop, my car, etc; i wipe those suckers down relentlessly.

imagine my delight to discover these well kept wipes, portable, anti-bacterial wipes made especially for delicate materials such as lenses, computer screens and phones. they come in six different palettes, two of which benefit charities: drive + karagoto {no brainer there.} these are perfect stocking stuffers and or holiday gifts.

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where do i begin?

how about every time i eat these trader joe chips karen carpenter starts singing:

“why do birds suddenly appear?”

people!!!???? it’s fucking “thanksgiving dinner” in a potato chip!

case closed.

mic drop.

and the heavens opened.



they’re vegetarian.



actually, i don’t want to know.

it could be a recipe of arsenic and rat vomit for all i care.

all fine with me…..tastes like a delicious, thanksgiving dinner.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.25.30 AM

a giant thank you and major love to brandie bernoskie. she is my web designer and go-to-person for all things tech. she gave goodniteirene.com a beautiful make-over this weekend. generous with her time, energy, and talent there is no one better, and SO reasonable, in the business. please don’t hesitate to use brandie for any of your web desires.

Fates and Furies Cover Image-1

i recently devoured lauren goff’s fates and furies, an engrossing look into two sides of a marriage. the characters so fleshed out i swear i would know the wife’s scent if she walked into this room right now {i imagine her smelling like a glorious, east-coast forest.}

so thoroughly satisfied i was, until i started reading reviews of people trying to compare it to “gone girl,” whereupon i grew fangs, claws and had my version of an online knife-fight. paralleling fates and furies to gone girl is like matching up gone with the wind to django unchained–yes they’re both set in the south with landowners and slaves…but THAT is it; don’t let the gone girl comparison dissuade you.

i just started the much-hyped city on fire by garth risk hallberg. so far i’m only five pages into the 944 page leviathan, which ambles through different lives and social strata of 1970’s new york; so far though, this .0005% of the novel is already gripping.

YouTube Preview Image

and i leave you with some ms. elliot. her newest single, wtf {where they from} does NOT disappoint.

weekend happy to you m’loves!

take the boundaries down, keep those hearts foolishly open, go hug a cactus! even if it’s from afar, cacti still need love.

see you on the other side of sunday.

until then let’s keep in touch! facebook/instagram 

images 1, 2, 4: goodniteirene;  image 3: wellkept.com; image 5: brandie bernoskie;  image 6: amazon.com
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