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October 2, 2009

Fall colors, Fall wardrobes, Fall meals, Fall fragrance, I definitely get into my seasons. I even have a Fall soundtrack. Gone for the summer are my sultry Cowboy Junkies soothing away sunburns in pitch dark, under a swirling ceiling fan. Adieu to  fevered, fiery Edith Piaf blaring throughout the house on a Sunday morning as the sun sizzles us into a lazy day surrender. Ingrid Michaelson’s newest album “Everybody” is perfect for the moodier, melancholic mornings of autumn, and the darker afternoons when a cup of Earl Grey tea is more inviting than a glass of lemonade. 3505233297_a59802d6e0_oI must say this is a rare release where there isn’t a single track i skip. There are definitely a few songs that I replay over and over again. “Soldier” is my favorite, and I devour it morning till night. I defy anyone NOT to like this song. This coming from the same girl who, as a freshman in high school, blew out her Sony Discman listening to Paula Abdul’s “Rush Rush” ten thousand times  in a row.YouTube Preview Image

My second favorite is the title track “Everybody.” I put this one on, and the beasts and I have a rockin dance party. Hearing this tune, one can’t help but grab three golden retrievers and twirl around the house like mad monkeys. YouTube Preview Image

Happy Romping to you and yours! Love, Irene

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