RMS beauty is having a 20% sale off its entire site today!

crazy cakes?!

RMS beauty is responsible for many of my bottom of the jar, desert island staples:


i’ve been using rose-marie swift’s “un” cover-up for close to a decade now. nothing compares to this concealer. it doesn’t cake, dry out, or glob up in the ball of the eye {pretty i know.} thank goodness this is not in short supply, because if the house was on fire? i might grab my “un” cover-up and those old photographs may just have to incinerate.


the buriti bronzer is another one of mommy’s favorites. no shimmer, no donatella verasace orange, it’s a week in montauk in one, little pot. the buriti oil, “the highest amount of vitamin a and beta-carotene known to man”-their words, makes this bronzer blend seamlessly into the skin. i always get asked if i’ve been in the sun when i wear this bronzer—as if?


i keep this organic lip + skin balm on my nightstand. cuticles, lips, and under eyes get the evening, pre-bedtime smear. come morning my face and nails are less sandbox dry.


this morning i purchased the beauty oil. i’ve never used it before so i will report back. it has the same buriti oil found in the bronzer. buriti is kind of the new, rockstar anti-oxidant out on the market for its filtering and absorbing capabilities of cancer causing sun rays.

so off you go!

happy shopping.

let me know what you ordered and how you like it.

remember the code is : GREENFRIDAY

all of RMS beauty products are GMO-free, cruelty-free and ethically created.

RMS beauty products are either organic or wildcrafted, depending upon which is safer….

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.