I consider myself a somewhat practical and reasonable girl……..

chanel-pearl-shoebut these Chanel Pearl Pumps leave me slightly feverish with a less than responsible makeup. I MUST have them. They complete me. Imagine all the lady-like acts of goodness I’ll be able to accomplish with these magic heels (they ARE magic.) Wearing these pearly perfections I just know my charity work will flourish exponentially. I’ll stand high above all the others (the platform measures 4″) at the soup kitchen rationing out porridge, i’ll sit so elegantly, ankles crossed to the side just so, as i read to orphans, and promenading down the boulevards in my opaline magic shoes i’ll get my environmental petitions signed with grace and style. I can just hear the sound of bippidi boppidi boo as my feet step into said fancy footware.

Just like the Princess; a transformation will take place: my posture more erect, my teeth more sparkly, and my complexion a little peachier and creamier. High Tea with devonshire cream and scones will replace my black as tar coffee. The Bible will replace my Vanity Fair, my fingertips manicured frenchly , my hair tightly bunned, my lips glossed clear, and my music hip-hop free. Can’t you just see the well-bred lady I will become? Now, who do i have to f*ck to get them?