yesterday as my friend, mrs. burns, and i were discussing where we’d wear our oscar de la renta pre-fall fashions, she: school drop-off, me: mother’s market, she closed with “oh! to have unlimited funds….”

i swear this woman is my yoda.

in addition to weaning me off my cell phone {a whole ‘nother post}, sometimes mrs. burns is just a conveyor belt of wisdom. she IS, in fact, the woman who sent me this:

but back to unlimited funds.

no, money can’t buy you happiness, it can’t buy you health, or love……but it CAN buy you the new chanel pre-fall 2012.



as with most chanel shows, the staging, themed “paris-bomaby”, was high theater in itself. the seating and promenade of the models and fashions, with spectators, photographers and editors assembled behind banquet tables clad with crystal dripping candelabras and a “feast” of  tea cakes, sandwiches, guava juice and the requisite champagne, played out like a fantastic, east-meets-west, bacchanalia.

now, truly, where would i wear these frocks?…. if i really did possess these imagined “unlimited funds” and had, of course, already donated the capped amount to various charities, and all my family and friends and acquaintances were without needs or wants from my generous gifts of mansions and pre-fall wardrobes all around?

um, i’d wear them around my house, downstairs…upstairs, to the mailbox and back. maybe to run out and get a coffee? i’m not much of a out on the town kind of girl.

maybe that second from the top would work for pilates?

which is your favorite?

so moms, tell me….do you wear fabulous clothes at drop-off?

maybe i should have a baby.