T’was a long week indeed my friends. I’m entirely spent. I have the listless energy of a houseplant; rousing only with the wind of an open door. Even wearing my fluffy, feather light bathrobe is wearisome.

But I do not want to miss my weekend! No going to bed early while the adults cavort into the night. I want to wear a fancy dress that makes noise when it moves, and I want a glass of champagne who’s bubbles foxtrot all around my teeth. I want to grab a friend, in matching fancy frock, and find two chandeliers for us to swing upside down with our arms outstretched roller coaster style. Undulating back and forth, back and forth for hours until we get dizzy sick, or have stomach aches from laughing too hard.

Yes, the big girl panties were definitely worn this week. I’ve earned my weekend of rest, rejuvenation, and romping.

illustration by Ingela och Vi on