happy weekend

June 25, 2010

talk to me billy goats. what’s playing in your ears this weekend?

the in-laws are arriving and i’m brushing up on behavior best.

i’m on bended knee asking for sweet, continued slumber.

my old friend, insomnia, has been knocking of late.

we know what a bad date the medicine cabinet and i last had;

i now know not to answer that text.

counting buddhas and drinking tea to hopefully remedy this bout of sleeplessness.

cheers to a restful weekend.

come visit me today with the adorable girls at sweet nothings.

they graciously invited me to guest blog. love them!

  • First party in the new apartment tomorrow and probably A LOT of R&R on Sunday.

    Good luck with the in-laws!

  • wish I had a quick fix for you Katie in the insomnia gate issue. Nothing is worse, been there; worry keeps me awake like a shot of cortisone.

    Enjoy your sweet in-laws. Just perhaps they may lull you to sleep?!

    Sending you all the best wishes for a lovely weekend doll! xx

  • Oh, I love your blog! Great images!

  • i love ya, sweet pea.
    insomnia is bad!
    "billy goats" i friggin love it!!!! : )

  • thanks for playing over at my blog!


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