the weeping buddha

November 19, 2009

my weeping buddha needs a week off. hand-carved from a single piece of mahogany, soothing the sorrows of our family, four-legged and two. this is his story as told to me:

according to legend, there were two warriors who confronted each other in numerous battles. both of them wore masks and never saw each other’s face. after many such encounters the older warrior killed the younger one. upon removing his mask he discovered he had killed his own long lost son. the weeping buddha is the warrior filled with sorrow. by touching the back of the weeping buddha, people can pass all of their sorrow to the weeping buddha, thus making life a little better.

the weeping buddha soaks up the sorrows and worries of the world and brings peace and compassion to all who rub his back. in other words, the weeping buddha cries so that no one else has to.

i only wish i could give him an hour or two tear free .

i found my weeping buddha at my favorite, gift boutique, fleur de lys. they give you the accompanying story with your buddha.



  • I love my weeping Buddha! Your blog will keep me company when I'm in SF. xoxo

  • I had never heard that story before…though I'd seen the Weeping Buddha many times. It's so sad!

    By the way…I added you to my blog roll…would you mind adding me to yours?

    All the best,
    Brandi xoxoxo

  • Love my Buddha. The girls do too. Awesome blog!!!!!

  • sam beaudet

    hi i just want to tell you this i buy one of those and i love it its a nice art pieces each time i look at him i feel better its weird but i wont let him go now !!!!

  • Marisol

    I saw for first time a weeping buddha yesterday and my carpentry teacher saw me so excited about him that gave it to me. He made it. Then I came home and read your story, and loved the story and the last part when you say you would like to give him a couple of hours tear free…I found that so sweet. As Sam says it is weird but each time I look at him I feel better and happy…

  • love this we have three and never knew the story behing them.. thankyou

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