spring hair

March 8, 2010

i know it’s kind of an old trend, but i’m taking a liking to locks slashed with shades of pastel pretty.

the girly badass of it all, makes me happy.

kind of like a string of pearls and a filthy mouth.

even more giddisome is the all over pink shell:

a dreamy, flowery frosting,

but deep down 100% rebel rocker.

add a little smoke,

and throw your middle finger at the fear of grey hair.


pastel eyebrows though? no thank you. they can stay in wonderland.

images: knight cat, click photo.

  • Ha, I have a soft spot for pastel pink hair…reminds me of grad school (yes, on any given day I had pink, white, black, or red hair back then)…these rinses and color pieces are coming in big for the bold at heart–love!

    Hope you are having a sweet monday Katie and thank you for the lovely birthday wishes!

    xo Mary Jo

  • omg, i would totally try the pastel locks of hair if i didn't have an agent who constantly pesters me about the way my hair is. (he's so picky!)

    or, better yet, maybe i should just walk into my agency with streaks of pink and see what he does. that'd be hilarious!

    happy sweet monday, sweet lady.



  • If I didn't fear looking like a bowl of sherbert ice cream, I would totally do this (but I know the husband would HATE it!).

  • Katie, Love, Dear….we need to get you outta the house. Gray and pink and blue cotton candy hair??? Uh…no dahling, just no. LOL

  • i kinda love how it looks on kelly osborne!

  • Okay, I so need to do this! Simply AWESOME. Freals, love that!

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