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May 26, 2010

yikes, a little late posting today, but i’ve got a good excuse!!

yippee skippy!!!

i can hardly enclose the elation!!

my sweet friend, alexei, got me lots of public squawk today.

{the good kind…not the ugly, blind item nasty stuff}

holy smokes, i’m silly flattered and gleefully giddy.

yet, i also feel like wrapping myself in three bathrobes, hiding back my closet, lights turned off, in a deep, breathable suitcase.


  • Yeah Publicity! You deserve it…sounds like you work too hard!
    I'm well…'s 90 here today! Other than that I've been in hiding…work/home/bed…mix up the order and those are my days. Nothing exciting on this end…

  • That image is the perfect expression of "yippee skippy!" congrats!

  • YeeHaw!!

  • Love it Katie. There isnt anyone who deserves it more. Way to go Alexi! xoxo

  • I can so relate to the closet! Love this- wonderful. xo

  • well arent you famous!

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