over the summer my beloved phone died a painful, dramatic, sylvia plath-like death.

my grief grew branches and bore fruit when i learned my cherished model was no longer offered,

and in addition i would have to switch phone companies.

enter the DROID.

let’s just say i’ve had migraine headaches more pleasant than this torture-bot.

apparently one needs a computer science Ph.D just to figure out ringtones.

let’s not even talk about composing an email……{M.I.T. graduates}

eleven trips to the verizon store and two replacement droids later i decided it wasn’t the phone for me.

did you know droid is a synonym for drone {what we call the robotic military planes used to kill people-hello???}

begrudgingly i moved onto a different kind of phone: blackberry bold.

enter a whole new set of buttons, appetizers, screens, cords, and problems.

this phone, although not as NASA as the droid, still would be considered a lemon.

but it’s ok. perfect actually.

it’s been almost 5 months of a super shoddy relationship with my cell phone and i LOVE it.

i used to be glued to my silly phone. now i rarely know where it is.

i have less paranoia, less anxiety, and more solitude.

i will stay in this verizon lair where my brain gets to nap more, read more, and pet the dogs.

my quality of life has improved so much i’m determined to become even more unhitched to my phone.

here’s to unplugging in 2011.