yesterday, amidst all the chocolate hearts and pink carnations i found myself in a familiar place: conflicted.

a pickle of sorts.

spout, spout, spout i spat my distaste for all things valentine and hallmark.

but contrary is not a color i wear well. completely washes me out actually.

yet mid savasana {thank you raquel perry} a shift occurred in my heart and brain.

loosening up the laces on my grinch boots, i slowly started to shovel out my deep rooted heels.

and for the rest of the day i decided to send out valentines {silent, energetic, fairytale-princess-like} to the people i don’t love.

wordlessly, i hurled arrows of happy toward those who are hurtful, dishonorable, and vicious.

people who have affected me personally, and people who haven’t.

luckily it wasn’t a long list.

what is extensive is the continued peace i feel in my heart.

so i revise my stance on valentine’s day.

while my knee jerk is still to think of those without,

i can still privately honor the holiday within.

wishing you a tuesday beautiful m’loves.