a wet morning welcome can’t dampen my weekend parade.

boots strapped, i stomp myself silly into monday’s rote routine of have to.

long-legged lilies, cart wheeling out of their vase, do their part to help bewitch the smile out of me.

memories of stolen kisses at a tabletop for two suddenly turn these rain showers into a romantic jean luc goddard film.

i have to be on guard.

winter storms do their best to charm my inner recluse to further hide, shelter, and shut.

lately i’ve come down with a case of covers up, doors closed, phones and computers in trash turned off.

but mr. drippy window pane here,

you blurry the dark, thundering clouds into a jewely, kaleidoscope wild.

stepping outside seems not so scary.

so, off i go.

eyes fixed forward.

task at hand:

there are rainbows to hunt.