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July 21, 2011




*let me be clear: i don’t know much about miss wendi, and i really don’t want to know. she’s NONE of my business. and i don’t trust anything i read anymore; which is exactly {and rightly so} why her husband is under investigation. what i do trust is my naked i. and her flying across the room to protect her family {whether i think he’s good or bad} is awesome in my book.

  • Really?!?! Is it because you just don't like pie? or you're enamored with 6 foot Asian women?

  • auntie char

    I can give you a long, long list of people to idolize….Wendi Deng Murdoch is NOT on the list. Granted, she did fly across the room, instinctively protecting her slimy, geriatric investment. I mean with an 81 year old husband she SHOULD help out with pies in the face & the occassional walker malfunction. I mean she should have to earn some of the $100 milliion dollars of stock she got from him.
    Wendi & her version of Hunky Husband wed 3 weeks after her left his wife of 32 years. Cuz nothing says "true love" to a 29 year old then a 70 year old man……with a billion dollars!
    By the way….dig a bit deeper into Wendi's resume….the Cherrys, a Northridge family, met her when she was a student in China. They sponsored her to America and put her through college….who she lived with as a daughter….Wendi ended up running away with the husband & getting married. She dumped him after her green card was safe & secure.
    Yea….Wendi is a real person to look up to!

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