i plead guilty.

July 5, 2011

i admit to it.

i am guilty of glut.

yesterday i was a complete beast.

i did things to a thousand island jar, only the likes of coney island hot dog eaters have attempted.

hopefully my fellow partygoers don’t remember my caramel corn grand finale.

i’m off to pay my penance.

{head hung in heavy shame}

  • no need for shame…everything in moderation. even the occasional bouts of excess. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

  • Hahahaha, that bunny.

  • My day…was double dipping (triple maybe) into the chocolate chip cookie dough that contained 2 cups of butter and 4 cups of sugar. I HAD to make cookies for the family you see?!

    Today, I feel exactly like Frau Bunny. So happy to know i am not alone in my gluttony. Glad though that your 4th was a tasty one Katie.


  • hahahahahaha I'm on vacation and feel like that big rear view every day!!!! It's bad, but it's worth it!

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