although the official release date for their second album, babel, isn’t until september 24th, mumford & sons did release their first single, I Will Wait, from the much-anticipated follow-up to their giant, successful, debut album sigh no more. i think i officially overplayed every song on this album, and i’m still not sick of it. 

another much awaited release is antony and the johnson’s cut the world album. cut the world is pretty much a greatest hits collection of their live, symphonic, ethereal performances {one of the most amazing shows i have EVER seen} amassed from their first 4 albums. although it lacks my favorite of their songs, Hope There’s Someone, the assemblage does include one new track, “cut the world.” here is it’s beautiful and somewhat creepy video, um hello? willem defoe? you can’t do creepy without him.

what music is currently blowing up your ipod m’loves? 

p.s. for your listening pleasure:

 I Will Wait

Hope There’s Someone