did you know the average american gains five pounds between thanksgiving and new year’s day?

 days shift shorter, nights wax longer, the celebrations are more frequent, and the meals grow heavier.

 my friend and colleague, wes pedersen, is launching a pre-emptive strike on those pesky pounds.

tomorrow is the official launch of the holiday hustle, a friendly, non-competitive, motivational challenge where we all stay moving until 2014.


 your only goal is to log in either one mile of running/jogging/walking, or three miles of biking everyday for the next 63 straight days.

yes. everyday.


you do not have to be a member at equinox or even a member at a gym anywhere…but you’re still welcome to join in the fun….yes, i said “fun.”

like eqrrc on facebook to stay motivated and connect with others committed to the challenge. email: eqrrcnewportbeach@gmail.com to rsvp…

but really you’re accountability is with yourself.

my undertaking will be available to see on my instagram feed….#holidayhustle

who else is in?

let’s get hustlin’ my loves!