these words, lyrics actually, to one of my favorite ingrid michaelson songs, keep running on the treadmill through my mind. 

pounce.  pounce. pounce.

my brain strikes each verb, consonant, metaphor and simile over and over again with a whack of wanting; striving to oxygenate each verse with my giant inhales, infusing each cell with their meaning, and exhaling their substance into my actions and deeds. 

my heart is grateful for the periods of hollow. how else could i compare the spans whence my cup is brimful of la-la? light always looks its prettiest at the darkest of hours. 

do you have any songs that do this to you?

there are so many to list. i could dedicate a whole ‘nother blog, a whole ‘nother career to lyrics and how i try to wear them like a too-tight sweater. 

today it’s “everybody.” have a listen:


tuesday brimful to you m’loves.