my twelve stages of grief

June 2, 2011






a bakery visit. or two.

public display of insanity.

a brief ‘loss of time’.

more sweet and safe.

taking to bed.

finding the perfect anti-depressant.

  • I think these are the perfect images for the various stages and nothing like hte Million Dollar Decorator to pull us out of our grief for a good laugh and wishing we could be all be hanging out with the boys.

  • Fabulous! Each photo…fabulous! I missed the first show, talk about depressed. I can so appreciate each of your stages of depression. Melting down is what I do best.

    xo xo HuGs

  • A big hug to you–I still have days when I fling myself on the bed and cry for my dad or for my big black long-haired kitty/love of my life! Sometimes I find myself crying for both of them, strange I know but true. Thanks for your words about ALS, I meant to say something on one of your posts when you talked about working with ALS patients, that is truly the work of an angel. It sucked so much out of me, mostly I find it hard to discuss, but I have so much admiration for those who live with it and try to win the struggle which is not winnable.
    xo Mary Jo

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