we all want it. we all need some form of it. 

but how we choose to get it varies.

some like emblems of their associations; shared tokens of love to remind them throughout the day of that union and or friendship.

others like hand to hand, face to face, voice to voice exposure; an interrelation of ideas, laughs and activity. 

are you a cuddler? romantically do you like snuggling with your one and only? 

i know friends who thrive off spooning on sunday mornings, while others would rather wax their eyelids.

do you like to bond through experience and hustle? a little race in your heart and thrill in your eyes to tack you tighter to your beloved?

i find even though i don’t get to spend as much time with the people i love i still connect deeply with them. long distance and time away does not make for an impassive heart; quite the opposite really. 

and when i want to be with those far away or unreachable, i feel cheek to cheek close to them by breathing deep, getting quiet and being utterly grateful for the gift of their love. 

complete connection.

how do you like to feel connected to the ones you cherish m’loves? 

thursday beautiful to you.