i’m back to ladylike tuesdays. i’ve mentioned before how i prefer my night-dress rather than sporting sweats or shorts to bed. there’s something supremely ladylike about pulling a gown over my head, spritzing my perfume, and tramping out of the closet with chiffon and lace grazing my ankles. this tradition began either as i soon i could walk or was finally given the choice to choose what i wore to dreamland. inspired by the disney princesses, from 3 years old to 36, the first thing i’d do upon returning home from school would be to rid all apparel insinuating unisex playtime, sports, or dirt; anything with a pant leg or waistband was quickly disbanded in exchange for something floor-skimming, wind-catching, and in a shade of violet or baby-blue preferably.

in the mornings there’s nothing nicer than to lounge in my long gown, coffee in hand, beast at my foot, feeling quite the lady of the kingdom  house. 

all of my nightgowns come from local vintage and second-hand stores. my favorite styles are from the 70’s and 50’s. many of them i’ve actually fancied into actual dresses out to dinner. never do they cost more than ten dollars. 

what type of sleeping wear do you choose for slumbering?