where i find a day’s inspiration.

yesterday, i was inspired by the kindness of a friend i hadn’t heard from in over a decade. somehow he had scrounged up my email, and tracked me down to check up on me and my family. 

for the rest of the day i was galvanized by his thoughtfulness and tried my best to pass on this idea of selfless consideration all day long, and hopefully make it part of my personal arsenal. i’m not going to get into “let’s see what a goody-two shoes katie can be”-detail, but there’s a reason it’s a cliche’ “to give, is to receive.”

today’s inspiration came first thing in the morning courtesy of my bubble bath:

the gist of it being:”living grace is all that is real.”

true dat my homies. 

 i try my best to live with compassion and love, and always with a texas-sized chunk of grace on the side {try being the operative word.} grace is the condiment for the compassion sandwich. for grace, in my opinion, is showing respect even when you disagree with others, maintaining your poise and composure when you’d rather roar, and holding true to your integrity when it would be much easier to jump ship onto more fun party boats. 

living grace is real, and it is hard. 

that’s what makes it so good.

tuesday grace to you m’loves.