shake like most of my misadventures in nutrition and portion control, what starts out innocently, for example a friday night forehead to forehead celebration of the ice cream sandwich, pre-empted with a two hour-plus tribute to pasta with pesto; ends with my puffy, carbo-loaded face, hung in shame as i recount my lack of poise, grace, and piety at the weekend dinner table.


yesterday, my elastic waistband still stretched to capacity from an award winning pizza party {my friend patty concocted pies and goodies worthy of oscar speeches and valentino gowns,} i nevertheless copped a squat at my fridge in an effort to avail my typical sunday jitters, and what i now know was over-exhaustion. 

one bag of tortilla chips and two english muffin pizzas later, i now realize what i REALLY needed was a thorough nap instead. no news flash here. this pattern of stress-eating has plagued me for over 30 years. #welcometothepartykatie  

maybe next time don’t forget you already ate dinner. 


my triggers are so textbook: fatigue! fatigue! fatigue! if i’m not well rested i’ll mow down a grocery aisle like i’m a pregnant, marathon training, hippopotamus. it could happen!

luckily one weekend of eating like i’m a carnival attraction isn’t the end of the world. gone are the days of beating myself up mentally, starving my body, or other disordered remedies. 

as soon as i sign off here, i’m heading over to the vitamix for a breakfast date. going green and raw immediately puts me back in the saddle of health. i crave more vegetables and fruits, and get snobby about junk food again. this is my favorite recipe of late. how do you get back on “the wagon” when you’ve had a weekend or maybe even a couple of weekends like i’ve had?

monday healthy to you m’loves!