this last week was a baby jubilee!

hunkiest and i were doused in boy-baby madness with the arrival of two of our best friends’ handsome sons.


on thursday, rogan, aka “mr.smiles-while-breathing-sleeping-eating-and charming the pantaloons off all within a 20 foot vicinity,” came to stay with us for 5-tickle-me-happy days.

mmm. nothing like hearing a baby’s laugh first thing in the morning to throw bolts of rainbows into every atom of light you see. all weekend long i gulped in sparkle and the color pink, and i exhaled smiles and giggles.


 yesterday the happy parade continued. we finally, after waiting what i liken to feels like the strung-out interim between game of thrones seasons, but really was only, what nine months and 4 days?; we met the fine acquaintance of our new pal: 5-day-old-beckett.

i fell fast and hard for this itty bitty babe. i had zero chance. i’m a sucker for a man in raccoon pajamas….especially pajamas with feet. #allbetsareoff

i was like days-old mexican leftovers that needed to be thrown out, i had overstayed my welcome in the new parents’ home, but i could not keep my freshly-washed, anti-bacterial hands off THAT baby. 


the last 48 hours have been filled with a lot of “what if’s” and “ohmygoshhowamazingwouldthatbe’s?”, “could we really do it?”

and by “it”, i mean….going to thailand this summer. 

ugh….could this clock really be happening to me?