spring yesterday morning the baby birds chirped hungrily and happily for mama; their sweet, melodic peeps piping through the open, french doors, awakened me as the sun peered through the bouncy, cheerful, white clouds against a slumberous, blue sky. one of the few mornings where my alarm doesn’t stir me from the sheets, i lingered in bed as long as i could listening to the dulcet sounds of spring emerging in our backyard. 

i am simply mad for springtime. no other season rousts such organic, authentic happy feelings for my soul.


because i’m such a fragrance freak, and i like my scent to match my mood, i set out to find the perfect, spring perfume.

i’ve been wearing floret and creed’s spring flower {i know, could i be anymore obvious?} for years. they both are the most splendid blends of sweet peas, lily of the valley, apricot, & green apple.

i’ll still wear them, but i was ready for a change.

i moseyed over to my favorite local gift boutique, fleur de lys, in costa mesa. they always have the best, under the radar products {gifts, candles, books, perfumes, jewelry, home-wares.} i am never disappointed with my purchases from fleur de lys

it’s like the shopkeepers read my mind. i practically knocked down their hour’s old display for library of flowers bottled by margot elena, creator of tokyo milk, lollia & love and toast. library of flowers is a small batch american perfumery with 12 different unique scents. i had the hardest time choosing.

scents like linden, a combination of nectarine, linden blossom & clover honey, or kirimashi air, a mix of white tea, sheer bamboo & orchid petals. their wildflower & fern is the most refreshing melange of english cucumber, davana, & honeysuckle. it was nearly impossible for me to pick just one.

but i settled on willow & water whose cast of characters include cut greens, flowering lotus, & watercress. 

one spritz and i AM spring.

are you fans of spring? how do you celebrate the season?

~photo taken by me.