i have a couple of months coming up so crammed, we may have to buy them bigger pants.

weekend workshops and seminars that seemed like such a good idea, last year, when i signed up for them, now have me questioning my thirst for “higher” education and innovation. i most likely just needed a nap instead; not continuing education hours.


but the deposits have all been paid. i’m in.

this weekend i am enjoying the calm before the semi-spring storm.

here is my recipe for a weekend happy.


saturday i will be up earlier than mr. sunshine so that i may give him a proper welcome as he cheerfully, ascends up into the milky, blue sky. 

these early mornings always send me into a ecstatic mood.


maybe not via pastels or paint, but this weekend art will happen.

some get inspired by landscapes and still-lifes; for me it’s a ballet barre and lately a thera-band.

yes i just thought the same thing: um? did that bitch just call herself an artist? #pretentiousmuch

yes, i am.


even if it’s just me, in line at coffee, and depending on what song i hear playing on the radio and inside my head, there will be spontaneous outbursts of dance throughout the weekend.


the last component of the recipe is the most important, and the hardest for me: the zen.


i was hanging out at my friend luciana’s house this week, post her morning meditation. it was definitely a “when harry met sally” i’ll have what she’s having moment. 


we both were giggly and happy, having our girl time, but luciana was more: game of thrones’ princess daenerys targaryen,


and i was more: targaryen dragon-like.

i must get my mutha-fuckin zen on!


so here’s to a sunny, creative, mosh-pit, but peaceful style weekend to you m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.