we know i am depth-less. but when it comes to my taste in music, there is no basement.

the new avril lavigne jingle is no exception.

it’s a hard, foot-stomping beat, with dumb-downed, look-at-me-i’m-edgy-angry-and-say-the-F-word a lot lyrics.

my favorite “hook” is the ridiculous reference to radiohead.

give. me. a. break.

avril lavigne does not, nor has EVER listened to radiohead, not even the KISS FM hit “creep.” she’s way too lame.

i should know. i’m in the radiohead reject club too. it’s like their music is password protected for us uncool losers. but nice try avril.

 lyrics aside, the song is great, and has me throwing my hair and body straight in to chiropractic care.

see you on the dance floor m’loves.