to say cheyann benedict rocks my world is putting it mildly. one of the c’s in the c&c california t-shirt phenomenon, a decade-old explosion which pretty much brought the soft tee into existence, cheyann benedict is a designer who crafts with comfort and femininity as her top priorities, not trends.

i dropped to my knees in genuflection the first time i visited her store in los angeles, an homage to the great eras and sectors of my beloved state: mount shasta in the 70’s, hollywood hills in the 40’s, balboa island in the 80’s. it’s all there; in gelato scoops of color.

her one of a kind, handmade cashmere sweaters alone, have me writing letters to santa, jesus, allah, whichever saint answers sartorial prayers these days…..hunkiest?


but if i’m really going to fork over cash, you can bet it’s almost always going to be for a garment that twirls at my feet and billows in a breeze.

yes, i’ll work for dresses; especially caftans. any frock that allows me to channel ali macgraw, throw down a bean and cheese burrito {extra sour cream please} and not have to worry about sucking in my stomach, has my check writing endorsement.

cheyann’s “dahlia” dress is no exception.

yes, i have 20 just like it. BUT not one of them is made in a silk double georgette or comes in tangerine.


another betty i’m looking to devour like a mint-chip ice cream cake, is her apple dress. made from german mercerized modal, an interlock rayon so soft it feels like silk, the serious slit and deep v-neck make for a no-nonsense date night, most likely a night that doesn’t include ice cream cake. {insert sad face.}

tulum this creamy drakhar number has me sold just on its pockets alone, but i’m also digging the morrocan neckline detail. sorry casablanca, you’re not my future for the next 6 months, but maybe this dress could be. 

or perhaps i go with the tulum? inspired by yoga retreats,  this could be an uber-casual dress around the house, or for running errands {who am i kidding—i’m in sweats, if i’m lucky i’ve changed out of my workout clothes and even brushed my hair—but this blog lets me fantasize a better, prettier, more well-dressed self,} but with the right jewelry and proper sandals, i envision fancy girl mode too.

both are made from raw unwashed silk gauze.

out of the six, which is your favorite?

a twirling wednesday happy to you m’loves.

p.s. if you see me around town running “errands” in that tulum dress, you have every right to punch me in my affected, pompous, jackhole face…..