scenes from {an exquisite} week

June 8, 2012

friday beautiful to you m’loves.

and what a dazzling week it has been. the kind of week where i just want to linger in the cozy sweater moments of warmth; both from the sunshine and from the goodness in people and circumstance.

each morning is a rush to sweep back the heavy, thick theater curtains, hoping to unveil new bundles of happy dwelling, hiding in the back rows, or corners waiting to be discovered….tis sometimes where the treasures patiently bide.

don’t you agree?

here are a few shots of my caches this week…like i said it’s been a delightful week.

yesterday i came home to find my doorstep covered in party.

anna and jena, the magicians behind heavy petal flowers, and who i most recently girl crushed, fancied me with the sickest arrangement ever.

i was going to show off pics of my trader joe peonies, but they’re at present hiding with their petals between their stems.

you can now see why these girls own the floral industry in so-cal.

my family room has been instantly spritzed with cheerful.

earlier in the week, one of the most darling baristas ever made my day as he handed over my turkish latté { the cardamom is supposed to help lower the acidity of the espresso, FYI for peeps with bad stomachs}. old enough to have practically just bust through the embryo sac, this boy is sugar sweet. always with a kind compliment to what could be his mother, he said i earned the special heart of the day. 

telling him i knew i was just one of his many cougars he sweet talked for tips, i thanked him nonetheless and left him 2 bucks….


after sharing our plight of our inability to find the perfect, white, skinny jean with all of twitter, i decided to tackle the summer wardrobe pickle head on.

an hour and one very pissed off sales girl later, i’ve concluded hudson collin signature skinny is the best for this girl and her middle linebacker hamstrings.

and finally, a shot of my welcome home crew.

tell me my loves, what made your eyes dance this week?

wishing you a weekend happiest.

see you on the other side of sunday.

  • I am laughing right now at your pile of white jeans… I went through the same torture a few weeks ago. Ugh! Highlights of my week; a crabcake & wonderful company for lunch on a MONDAY! A crazy week of classes with happy students and today; a massage for this bod!

    Happy Friday!

    • goodniteirene

      you got a massage?! where? i want to go. you deserve it…love you jilly-girl so much.
      loved our lunch…well, i love any outing with you.

  • Loving your gentle welcome home crew! Gorgeous dogs and fabulous barista – you are one lucky duck. Heading off now to see if my Trader Joes has those peonies.

    • goodniteirene

      let me know if they still have them…mine are still going strong. big, plump, and fragrant….just like my beasts.

  • I love your flowers! And so jealous you found a pair of white skinnies–I may have to do the same this weekend–sales girls brace yourselves! Love your heart coffee, you are so not a cougar, haha!

    xo mary jo

  • Gunta70

    I know this isnt a very erudite comment, but this simply makes me happy to read.

    • goodniteirene

      when the word \”erudite\” is used on this blog…suddenly all the other words, sentences, punctuation stand a little straighter and more attentive…
      very highbrow john.
      i miss you.

  • everswoon

    The flower arrangement is beautiful. Love the colors. Those pups are adorable.

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