osumi_wendell-064One year today you became my HH (hunky hubby.) I’m still twirling that you picked me (you’re pretty lucky yourself mister.) One year and i still sometimes get a little nervous when your name comes up on my phone screen. One year and i still want you to come home early every night from work. One year and your teeth flossing joke still makes me laugh night after night. One year and I’m definitely OVER your inability to help me recycle the plastic bottles in the house (do we need to even go there why we EVEN have plastic bottles, honey?) One year and not a day (more like an hour) goes by without thinking I can’t wait to tell him this. My sweet boy, we may not be the type which “completes” one another, but I’m definitely less Dre without you as my Snoop.

p.s. one of my favorite blogs a cup of jo is on her honeymoon. in her absence she’s guest blogging “our secrets to a happy marriage.” they’re all very different, as are all marriages. i’m enjoying them immensely. enjoy.