i know most of us wish we were gorgeous 18 year old Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit models, but I for one am thanking my lucky stars (and lucky charms) that I was/am not. Case in point, eighteen year old Israeli supermodel Esti Ginzburg:

09_esti-ginzburg_08-1If i looked like this when i was a senior in High School, there’d be no doubt i’d be on my 16th pregnancy, and i’d have herpes coming out of my ears. At her age my emotional I.Q. was equal to that candelabra she’s holding. I wouldn’t have had the self-esteem and poise to handle all the lecherous creepers I’m sure are writhing onto her path. Let’s hope she has amazing parents (like i did) who are protecting her, and giving her the street smarts that will keep her virtuous and virus free.

So, no i’m not going to resent you Miss Ginzburg. Rather, i’m going to be grateful not hateful, (oh, this is so new and exciting?) and i’m going to thank you for making me remember my bushy brows, my chub rub and hormonal acne with a loving kindness i’ve yet explored. Namaste’.