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dears how are we? it’s been a spell, no? not much has changed on my end. my zip code is different, but i’m still the same bleeding heart, super freak who emotionally eats like it’s an olympic sport and who would mainline black coffee in a diabetic insulin pump if someone would show me how. i sometimes still dabble in the fitness world where my overly-caffeinated, nabisco™-fueled self fraternizes with the self-meditated and spirulina-smoothied gods and goddesses down south.

but for the most part we’re living the good life. there’s really no other way to live in santa barbara. to say otherwise would be an insult to those who don’t get to wear flip-flops and a tank when they walk their dog in the morning. transferred here for hunkiest’s job, we won the jackpot; living in santa barbara is like being on vacation year-round; we are weekly without words for how picturesque and darling our little town is.

rather than just enjoy this peaceful time and the first real opportunity in my life to slow down and smell my hydrangeas i can’t keep alive, i’ve decided to return this space. this silly pocket of ideas, suggestions, opinions, and shares. i know most of that stuff is done on social media these days, but i’m such a sucker for the written word….but not much an aficionado for proper punctuation, so don’t @ me!

time is precious. i won’t waste your eyes, mind, and heart with nonsense; although i make no apologies if i start watching “the bachelor” again, you can skip those summarizing posts.

for now, here’s a taste of what’s been dazzling me:

Simon Bergström

our move was rather sudden and we were lucky enough to find a sweet-as-key-lime pie rental. i’m constantly experimenting with peel + stick wallpaper and ways to make our house cozy and inviting even though 80% of our belongings are still in storage. this stockholm apartment’s use of shelves, baskets, chaises, and COLOR {!} have me high-kneeing around the kitchen in a frenzy to spruce up a couple of the rooms in our house. i’ll share more of our rental tricks and tips.

i recently finished The Maid by Nita Prose. i typically have a book going at night on my kindle and a different one i listen to on audible. rarely, no matter how well the book is written i am irritated with the auditory experience; i’m that type of asshole listener who always finds fault. i swear i can hear the bad breath of a narrator. BUT! this was splendid. lauren ambrose, the teller of this delightful tale, definitely had the breath of a sweet pea.

ok, this next recommendation is non-negotiable. i totally get the tinder-swindler and all the oxytocin-driven, reality tv sludge we get sucked into, i’m completely guilty: “my name is katie and i am “shah-bsessed“, but there’s a new show, and it’s cracking my heart into a million, perfect little, this is what GOOD {i’m making that growling-i-love-warm cake-sound} television is.

somebody somewhere is the newest creation from the duplass brothers and it’s everything that we need right now. it’s human, it’s awkward, and it’s hilarious. i always feel less alone after watching shows by the duplass brothers. give this at least 2 episodes!

i’m still the skincare whore you knew me to be. more on that in some later posts, but i didn’t want you guys to miss some sales going on:

skinstore is starting their president’s day sale with 25% off with code: PRESIDENT

i’ll be stocking up on my perricone eyelid serum-this tightens the upper and lower lids.

an investment for sure, but my tri-polar zips up that jawline and builds collagen all over.

this chantecaille lifting mask is worth all the five-star reviews.

i don’t need to buy one because mine has lasted FOREVER, but this coloroscience is the only under-eye concealer i’ve ever used: it’s hydrating, has an spf 35 and will NOT irritate your eyes.

so that’s all for now. i have to make dinner. we’re big on casseroles here. nothing gets me hotter in the kitchen than a pyrex 8 x8 and a taco packet.

let me know what do you want to hear and see? my “store” is full of my favorite finds on the internet, both high and low-budget.