IMG_0408Don’t let those inky, kohl eyes fool you!! Pink feathers doth not a lady make. Unfortunately, Priscilla’s pre-rescue days surfaced yesterday.

Post work, groveling through the front door, crippled from tucking, squeezing, and pelvic flooring my clients into gods and goddesses, I tortuously grinded to my sugary, sweet, day’s end dividend: Our Halloween Bowl. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! Why else do we have the month of October other than for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? HH and I are, already, on our second bag (damn neighborhood kids???.) But what do I find………….? Not, a “just replenished on Tuesday with two economy sized  Target bags” bowl of candy, but a barren, empty, shiny (do i smell Pledge?), desolate, hollow bowl. What else do i find?

IMG_0401Yes. Our little hooker from the streets took our Reese’s out the bowl, out of the wrappers, one by one. Almost ladylike. Our other two schmos, Sawyer and Truman, sure as hell wouldn’t take the time to remove any packaging, lest it slow down their inhalation. Truman eats Sawyer’s vomit for god’s sake. But at least the boys know proper house decorum, and judiciously excused themselves from participating in their sister’s binge. I know this for a fact for two of the three beasts are quiet and sweet smelling; the third smells and sounds like a frat house. Grrrrrrrrr.

P.S. We are aware of the dangers of chocolate poisoning and dogs. We are keeping a vigilant eye on our little, naughty girl. She is showing zero signs of toxicity,  just self-disgust.