IMG_0464Well this pretty much sums up the view of my weekend.  Except for the two classes I taught on Saturday I pretty much have been in my bathtub trying to get warm. Even though, remarkably, the thermometer reads I am QUITE toasty??!!?!?!

Swine flu you will not have me! I do not eat swine, I do not socialize with swine (by choice), and I’m certainly not going to be infected with your silly cliche’d virus. I’ve decided instead that this is the canine flu. If I were to get a virus I would much rather it be of the pooch variety, so that is the way it will be (arms crossed.)

Grand illusions of tag sales, planting succulents, reading Tolstoy, adopting a Korean orphan (with special needs of course,) and re-picketing the front fence were dashed friday afternoon when my fever spiked so high I started conversing with my nightstand.

Six shots of Nyquil, 4 doses of Comtrex, 100,000 Oscillococcinum pellets, and a partridge in a pear tree later, and I was not only still sick, but I was crazy high from all the Nyquil.

Sunday night I felt I owed HH. He had scrapped all of our weekend hijinks in exchange for taking care of Althea Flynt. I rarely cook for my beloved. It’s not that I don’t love to cook for him, but it’s so much easier to nap instead.

Two different stir fry’s with the intent to arm us both with the phytonutrients necessary to stave off any other virus’ and or bacterium that try to come knock us down. Watch out muthafucka’s we’ve eaten our veggies!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!


IMG_0485And lastly, because it’s that time of year, and because he is the hunkiest of hubby’s’ I made pumpkin bread for HH. I must say the recipe I use is AMAZING (I omit the walnuts,) but another incredible recipe (and 90% less time and energy) is the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Muffin/Bread Mix.


IMG_0500Stay healthy friends. Love, Katie