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July 18, 2011

i’m back.


from the lack of posting and tweeting it should have been apparent i was removed and relaxing.

just what the 4 different doctors ordered.

here’s what bliss looks like to me:

a patio with an ocean {hidden in photo} and palm trees wishing you good morning and goodnight. 

sand, sea and salty friends making breakfast’s finest companions.

in the distance our cabana beds await for afternoon napping and silly.

mexican coffee and huevos rancheros compete with the pacific’s baby’s blues.

no need to leave the resort for tours in punta mita’s exotic wilderness or journey out ziplining adventure. the walk to our room alone was a trek through iguana-ville and a jungle in stereo sound.

happy girl.

happy girl. hunky boy.

not retouched. {kills me, cause i look like shit}

lobby love.

just plain, old fashion love.

sad girl leaving the hotel.

so my twitch actually went away. we arrived home saturday night, and then next morning when i awoke  twitchy was gone.

sunday consisted of an all day celebratory family dance party {beast included}

unfortunately waking up today, twitchy has returned.

oh well, at least i had a beautiful week.

monday happy to you m’loves.

  • You look stunning!!!!! Good for you for taking a great vacation….
    BTW, what kind of camera are you shooting with?

  • I'm happy that you're back, and even happier that you had a much-deserved vacation.

  • Norma Shechtman

    Looks great Katie. You both look like you had a fabulous trip.

  • Looks like so much fun! xx

  • Now, that looks relaxing. Definitely better than the constant driving I was doing over the past few weeks. I hope that feeling of relaxation lasts for you.

  • katie…you are simply stunning in every. single. beautiful inside and out way. love, love, love the sunglasses and their big, bold sun-shielding greatness. damn that twitch. hmmm? perhaps a relocation to mexico is just what the doctor needs to order. i'll join you.

    welcome back. i missed you muy mucha.

  • Sweet Nothings

    you're so prettttyyyyyyyyyyyy

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