Well I’m still F*cking sick!!!!! I know it’s not of the piggy persuasion, but it’s a flu nonetheless.  I STILL feel just as lousy as if I were to have the oinker flu!!!! Why do those porkers get all the attention? My fever’s just as high?! My body aches are just as debilitating!? Stupid, narcissistic hogs!

I’ve decided that, like swine,  my virus should get a catchy name and special distinguishing characteristics: The Fairy Princess Flu. Similar to H1N1, except not transmitted within pigpens, it’s symptoms are sleepiness, not liking anything in one’s closet, not really wanting to go to work, wanting to catch up on Mad Men episodes, and cupcake cravings. Sometimes there are chills, but that’s usually alleviated with a cashmere cardigan. Forget Tamiflu, it’s imperative to keep champagne on hand during FP Flu Season. Fellow fairy princess, Amanda, filled my Veuve Clicquot prescription, and left the elixir right on my doorstep yesterday afternoon so I didn’t even need to go to the pharmacy/liquor store.

Wishing all you fairy princess’ and prince’s a Happy and Healthy Halloween. Love, Katie

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