and just like clock work i have my first, full-blown, fall head-cold.


i can’t remember an october where i wasn’t mainlining nyquil and keeping the kleenex executives’ kids in ivy leagues.


 my sick is an autumnal rite of passage; just as seasonal as a pumpkin patch or pear cobbler.


although with temperatures in the 90’s this past week i’ve opted for a more chilled version of my usual, favorite: the pumpkin spice latté.


and it’s no wives’ tale ….ever since i started to have an occasional glass of wine or two again, i’ve noticed a gargantuan difference in how my body looks and feels.

i blame booze for my illin’.

i definitely prefer my sobriety to my chub rub; for me there IS no either or….


so i’m back on my sparkling mineral water. gerolsteiner is my favorite. it has one of the highest mineral contents of all of the waters on the market.

trader joes sells gerolsteiner for the lowest price.

the bubble buzz is better than any tequila sunrise high because i don’t have the headache, stomach ache, and stupid mouth that i always get from cocktails and the like.

healthy, happy tuesday to you m’loves.