Weekend? Where did you go so fast? Was it something I said; you seemed to vanish so quickly? I found myself sitting in bed this morning, covers up to my chin, looking out at the empty, lonely monday morning, calling out “call me?” in a sad, pathetic effort inspiring you to a quick return.

I know we didn’t start off on the best foot? Friday evening, precious time and IQ points were lost that will never be regained: paranormal_activity_movie_poster

At least my crepes of butter and cream, with a side of mushrooms, saved the evening from a total bust:


Saturday we regained our footing. I taught three classes, one of which was “Pilates for Pink” which raised some money for breast cancer:pilatespublicrelations

Post tuck and squeeze I decided my toes and fingernails needed a little spiffying up:

OPI Dig It

OPI Dig It

OPI Over the Taupe

OPI Over the Taupe

Date Night with HH still has me giddy and swooning……………………………………………..IMG_0427

And how about sleeping in on Sunday morning (well 6 am is sleeping in for me,) with 2 french presses, 3 newspapers, and an outing with Truman?PICT0160

Finish it off with an afternoon nap, Lapsong Souchong tea, and dinner with friends. The only thing missing was a tryst with the family, and it would have been the perfect weekend.

Weekend, please hurry back.