So HH and I are planning our next honeymoon, and we need your help. We can’t decide whether to go on a relaxing vacation: think lounging by the pool somewhere tropical (Bali, Costa Rica, Belize.)


Or do we go on a “trip” where we actually learn something, see new things, smell new scents, etc; thinking along the lines of Egypt, Russia, or New Zealand.


So what do you think? Rest, relaxation and foo-foo drinks under an umbrella? Or the camels and I comparing toes in the desert?

For the record, our first honeymoon was both a vacation AND a trip. We Eva & Juan Peron’d our way all over Buenos Aires for the first five days, and then rejuvenated in Carmelo, Uruguay for the last five. The perfect honeymoon combo bite.


Best Olives in Argentina

*photos: aman resorts,