okay, okay i promise this blog isn’t going to turn into katie’s christmas list.

for one, my husband, doesn’t read this.

if he did, this would be a daily, annoying {or maybe more annoying} read of my furor at his choice of half-empty, plastic water bottles for our home decor. he typically opts for the bedroom nightstand and the office in groupings of four to five as if they were vintage clocks or miniature owls; someone has been reading my old domino mags.

if my hunkiest of hubs actually read this, i would spout daily of how my blood boils when closet and stairway lights are left on in the middle of the day. i’ll never understand this one. i go from zen, purring kitty cat to slobbering, chewing off my own paw cujo when he does this.

other than that the man walks on water {from all those effing water bottles}, but the cartwheels and eeeps i’d do if he managed this for holiday time:

didier ludot, THE luxury vintage retailer in paris, has teamed up with petit bateau, and on december 5th will launch a capsule collection of little black dresses for women.

two adult dresses will be released. the “twiggy”, here on the left with the sixties hip pockets was inspired by her namesake; and the frock on right aptly named, “the catherine”, inspired by effortlessly chic, catherine deneuve.

do you think “the catherine” can fit in a stocking?

thursday frock-happy to you m’loves!