i had a silly good time with susan and tania at blue springs home. i finally saw, in person, the tumbleweeds, susan had been bragging blogging about.

pretty! pretty! pretty! like crinoline and tulle peaking out over baskets and buckets.

only susan could make dead, roadside weeds into something splendid. she sees tumbleweeds and envisions something stupendous for her coffee table. i see tumbleweeds, and am reminded to call my bikini waxer.

always gracious and humble susan tried to assure me that anyone would be able to arrange tumbleweeds beautifully. it merely depends on the container. hmmm? trust me. even if i had a “tumbleweeds by number” kit; i’d still manage to make it look tacky. best to leave things up to the experts n’est ce pas?

below you can see what i’ve done with some of my wonderful finds from Blue Springs Home. All through the end of the month they’re offering 20% off all furniture, bedding and accessories in their store?!?!?! crazy!!

bowls of blue spring succulents

bella notte linen duster from blue springs home

matteo pillow sham from blue springs home

susan is sweet enough to bring to me some of my own tumbleweeds. my plan is to crumble and sprinkle them throughout the house like tinsel. i know the beasts will like it. maybe dust a few in the pink tree? BAM!! i have ornaments. fa-la-la-la-la- la-la-la-lah.