uh knt buluv owwww fikung gooooooot sih missu mayzz zzz krincha sih!??!?!?!?!??!?!? mmmm hmmmmm (swallow) pardon me?????????

what i was saying, mouth full of rich, tasty goodness, was i can’t believe how fucking good this mrs. may’s holiday crunch is!?!??!?!

trying to be sensitive to my gluten sensitive pal bernie, i purchased ol’ mrs may’s for a dinner party last week to pour over coconut bliss (another celiac disease friendly product.) i inwardly pitied the purchase as i envisioned the rest of the party gorging down on my other buy: a gluten-glutted chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. (which by the way i plan to force feed halfwit Elisabeth Hasselbeck if ever we meet.)

so much for courtesy and concern? my gluten free diva stood us up for another party! the nerve? these prima donna’s and their “disease’s” think they can just crap all over us healthy, cereal and pasta eating folk. a pox on him and his villi . i hope his guilt triggered symptoms of bloat and menstrual periods missed. hmph!!

but their was some silver lining to this ugly blouse. yesterday i found myself with a deadline, 15 free  minutes i needed to commit to that deadline, and an unopened bag of mrs. may’s holiday crunch. deadline’s be damned i dived headfirst into that scrumptious sack. a-maze-ing!!! almonds, cranberries, pomegranate, acai powder, and a little smattering of sea salt. it was a yuletide party in my mouth. but not in a whorish way (don’t be dirty you guys.)

love the pared down ingredients. apparently it’s kosher too, so i’m covered if ever i get celiac AND decide to become jewish. it’s a fucking win win!!!!!

i discovered mrs. may’s at mother’s market, give her a “click” to find her near you.